The Krishna Key – Preview

You can now read first few chapters (five to be precise ) now online. Ashwin Sanghi has done a wonderful job on heightening the interest around the book with this preview release.

The preview starts with narration from The Krishna himself which feels so distant even it is the same story we have heard lots of times. Then the preview shifts gear and moves to Rajasthan where first of all incidents happens.

The first chapter is a well written trap to make you sit up and turn the pages, holding the breath. The subsequent chapters introduce probably the rest of the characters, their strengths, their powers as a perfect build up for an interesting page turner.

Each chapter in the preview gives you the idea about one character, leaving you with the question what the story holds for him/her, how she/he going to do whatever they are destined to do.

Get ready to read the preview and wait for the novel to reach your hands.

Here is the preview…


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Welcome to The Krishna Key

Welcome to The Krishna Key!

This is my fan blog about the upcoming novel The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi.

I am going to post all that is happening on the web about the novel, its plot and more.

Here is the cover of the book

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

The Krishna Key book cover

I am eagerly waiting to know what is behind the door shown in the cover and where the key is?

I have pre ordered the book. You canĀ Pre Order The Krishna Key & Save Rs.105 (42% Off)

Wait for more to come about the book and about the author